Ottoman Empire in WW1

The topic that has been researched is the Ottoman Empire in WW1. It is about how the Ottoman Empire entered WW1 on the side of the Central Powers in 1914. It revealed the enthusiasm and motivation of the Ottoman Empire to gain control of other countries in the Middle East. When the Ottoman Empire joined World War 1 it reflected on their previous losses. Before WW1 the Ottoman Empire was in rapid decay. They made an alliance with Germany as a desperate move to re-establish itself as major power, to regain territories lot in the Balkans and to Russia in recent decades. During World War 1 UK and France invaded the Ottoman Empire on the way of invading Palestine. In the start the Ottomans maintained their defenses, but gave way it to advancing Allies. This forced them to surrender in 1918. The whole war had a massive effect on the Ottoman Empire. Five million people lost their lives during the war (that was 23.5% of the total population). The Ottoman Empire is counted to have most deaths during WW1. Out of the five million almost three million were troops, eight hundred thousand were militants and surprisingly 4.2 million people were civilians.  The Ottoman Empire was forced to accept the allied occupation of Anatolia (now known as Modern Turkey and the heart of the Ottoman Empire), France and the UK and Mesopotamian territories. This caused a revolution in Turkey as Sultan drove out Allies drive out Greeks from Western Asia Minor. This way the modern republic of Turkey was established. After lost of sacrifices and lives lost Ottoman Empire changed drastically. The Ottoman Empire reduced drastically compared to old days.

The above image shows the time when the Ottoman Empire made the declaration to join World War 1.  Turkey formally entered World War I on October 28, 1914, with the bombing of Russian Black Sea ports. The Triple Entente, or Allied Powers, declared war on the Ottoman Empire on November 4. This source has really made it easier for us to understand how the war really began and how the Ottoman Empire joined WW1. It also shows how the men were gathered together to make such an important decision in front of whole of Turkey. This also makes it easier to understand the issue.



By Maliha Mian 10Gt

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